We at Farmwell are 100% dedicated to clean local food that benefits and cares for people, animals and nature.
Specifically, this means:

  • To use Farmwell, all farmers, growers, producers and food hubs must sign this statement that guarantees the quality of the food they grow and/or sell:
    I, [Farmer's name], personally guarantee that I/we are committed to growing and/or selling the highest quality natural food possible (100% chemical and GMO-free). This means zero artificial fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or any other kinds of synthetic or toxic substances such as antibiotics/pharmaceuticals or food additives are used, period.
  • Farmers may feed their animals local non-GMO (but conventional) feed when no other local options exist, but this must be clearly marked in the description of the farm and food sold.
  • Local food means food that is sold close enough to where it was grown so that people can easily visit the farm and verify the quality with their own five senses if they want to. That means it must be within 4 hours driving distance (for a same-day round trip).
  • Farmwell has been purpose-built for complete field-to-fork transparency and accountability. This means that food sold in Farmwell is 100% traceable to the farm it came from. A built-in rating system ensures that each Farmwell community can self-certify the quality of its food.
  • We have no interest in debates about which method of farming is “best”. Farmers who follow this simple Clean Local Food Policy and clearly describe their food and farming practices enable people to decide for themselves and vote with their wallet.