Farmwell is a 100% self-funded and family-owned business whose mission is to support the local food movement with thoughtful software that enables farmers, food hubs and communities to be self-reliant, healthy and happy.

Instead of buying our dream farm a few years ago, we realized that more people and more land can be healed with the support of Farmwell than we can possibly manage on a few acres by ourselves.

Fraser bliss portrait 160
Fraser Bliss

Fraser's background is in business management and information technology. He used to consult global corporations how to increase their profits using web-based enterprise and customer management software, but he quit his career to travel around the world for 5 years in search of a more meaningful way to live.

He's been farm manager at Bill Mollison's Permaculture Institute in Australia, and co- founded Bliss Permaculture in 2012 to teach sustainable agriculture and to consult small farms. Now Fraser gives them easy affordable access to the same tools that big companies have used to take over the world.

Viktoria plank portrait 160
Viktoria Plank
Director of Customer Happiness

Viktoria's background is in psychology and education, but she brings to the table years of experience in customer service from one of Austria's biggest and most respected newspapers.

She's not afraid to get her hands dirty either. She co-founded Bliss Permaculture, managed the Permaculture Institute's farm in Australia, and travelled the far corners of the world volunteering on social and aid projects.

Her job is to keep you smiling, and to keep Fraser on his toes. :)